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Talking Heads Hair Studio Offers Human Hair Extensions 
We Offer Human Hair Extensions 
Human Hair Extensions


We can completely transform your look with beautiful hair extensions, in whatever colour, length or type you desire. Human Hair Extensions not only add length, but also volume, colour and texture. We offer unlimited natural shades of 100% human hair. A personalised colour matching service is available if required. Whatever style you choose, the transformation will be achieved in hours – and the result? A stunning, sexy, new you! 
As with all hair extensions it is important to follow instructions on how to maintain and look after them so as to enhance their life and keep your own hair and scalp healthy. 
micro ring hair extensins blonde 16" peterborough tape extensions curly hair
before and after tape extensions 15" peterborough hot kerating hair extensions 16"
nano ring blonde 18" extensions peterborough vida hair extensions for thickening
nano ring extensions 12" peterborough salon stylist hair studio keratin bown extensiions fin hair 14"
trimmer hair exentions length and thickness 14" blonde
vida hair extensions invisible bonds vida hair extensions
timmer hair vida hair discrete fringe creation
nano rings hair extensions brown hair inviSABLE HAIR BONDS VIDA HAIR EXTENSIONS hair extension peterborough blonde hair long
nano ring hair exentions 18" brown hair layered haircut hair extensions hair extensions peterborough
This is an amazing new system that has just launched in the UK. We are pleased to be the Trainers for the Vida Hair System in the East Anglian Area. 
These bonds are so discrete, they are known as “the invisible bond”. The bond is flat making it more comfortable for the wearer. It is possible to attach 1 or 1000 hairs with this system creating not only length but volume – you can even add a fringe! This method can be used to thicken thinning hair and is suitable for both men and women. The bond is very strong and is not affected even when colouring the hair, it is resistant to heat and therefore you can use straighteners on the hair without having to worry. An amazing revolutionary system allowing extensions to be worn for up to 3 months before removal. All our hair extension hair is 100% human hair – Maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure healthy scalp and hair is maintained. 
This is a traditional system which most clients recognise as “glue extensions”. We use only the best keratin when attaching the hair with this method. The keratin is moulded into the hair using a hot keratin product. It is recommended that a maintenance appointment is maintained every 6/8 weeks to ensure that hair and scalp is kept healthy and no matting occurs. All our hair extension hair is 100% human hair. Maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure healthy scalp and hair is maintained. 
These are a great way of adding length and volume quickly. Ideal if it is for a special occasion and you don’t want to commit to extensions long term. This involves “sandwiching” the hair between two strips of tape extensions. The Tapes we use are all made of 100% human hair and will last up to 8 weeks. Maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure healthy scalp and hair is maintained. 
These hair extensions use no heat or glue, the rings lay flat to the head and are undetectable. The bonds are available in various colours and lengths. With regular maintenance the bonds can be re-used and can last up to 8 months. All our hair extension hair is 100% human hair. Maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure healthy scalp and hair is maintained. 
More details to follow 
With hair extensions it is important to follow the aftercare instructions. Please see your stylist for specific instructions on how to look after the type of extensions you have had fitted.  
It is important to use the correct shampoo, conditioner, and leave in sprays to maintain the condition of the hair. Make sure you brush your hair regularly using a recommended brush. Never use a comb on dry hair always a brush. Wet hair can be combed using a tangle teaser. When Brushing hair always start at the bottom, then the mid lengths and then the top,this will ensure that you get any knots out gently. Make sure you hold the hair gently at the top when brushing in order not to pull out the bond. Never leave the bonds wet in your hair, it is important to dry your hair after washing and conditioning. Ensure that you separate the bonds every day using your fingers, this will ensure your hair does not get matted at the root. Ensure that you tie your hair in a loose ponytail or loose plait before going to bed to prevent the hair from matting. Use a blowdrying heat protector and heat defence product when drying and straightening your hair. Book regular maintenance appointments to help maintain healthy scalp and hair. If you are worried about anythig ir have any questions just give us a call. 
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